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Located in the heart of the elegant Condamine district, La Distillerie de Monaco is the first and only distillery in Monaco. Truly unique in every aspect, we strive to offer an authentic taste of the iconic Principality with our handmade collection of liqueurs, spirits and eaux de vie.

Monaco gin and liqueur distillery 


 Using artisanal methods and selecting only the finest local raw materials, we are able to produce exclusive liqueurs and spirits truly inspired by the colours, aromas and flavours of Monaco. With each sip you will be transported to the azure shores of the Mediterranean, where waves gently lap at your feet and time moves slower on balmy summer evenings.

Monaco's first distillery

La Distillerie de Monaco may be the first, and only distillery in Monaco, but in days past this iconic Principality was an agricultural land. Long before tourism, yachts and the Grand Prix, citrus production was a mainstay of the local economy and famous for its bounty of fine Mediterranean fruits. These sunshine packed citrus fruits were traded for rum with sailors on merchant ships looking to stave off scurvy on long trips to the Americas. These boats were docked in the shelter of Monaco’s famous Port Hercule - the harbour which local legend dictates was created by the mighty Hercules.


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