Agrandir Monaco Vodka for Peace in the Ukraine

Monaco Vodka for Peace in the Ukraine


Special Edition limited to 1000 bottles, hand numbered and hand bottled in our distillery in Monaco 

100% of the funds raised after material costs and taxes will be given to benefit women and children fleeing the war in the Ukraine. 

Donations will go as far as possible directly to help where we can have the most impact. 

We are working with volunteers in Poland and Monaco to channel the help directly so that not a penny is wasted. 

This vodka has been distilled from 100% Italian grain spirit. We distill in our copper alembic and carbon filter to give the spirit a smooth and round taste. 

This really is a classic vodka; pure, smooth, sweet and clear. No sugars or any other ingredients have been added to the vodka, it is a 100% pure spirit and cut to 40% alcohol with spring water. 

Help us make a little difference to those who need it so urgently, and enjoy a taste of a real Monaco vodka whilst doing it! 

Monaco Vodka for Peace in the Ukraine



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